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DPP ROES full feature ordering - PC or Mac computers. Our most powerful computer photo ordering APP. Access to all our products and services. Easy to install and easy to remove. (This software is non invasive. It doesn't make any changes to your computer.) Click to begin installing ROES Pro.

After clicking a new web browser window will open with specific installation instructions for Windows or Mac computers.

How to Get Started with your Order.

The program install should create a DPP Desktop Icon and/or place a DPP Icon in your Task Bar or Dock. Click this DPP Icon. This could take up to a minute or so depending on your internet connection. You may have to respond yes or ok to a screen that will allow the Java program to run.You will soon see an ordering screen similar to Fig 1. Check out the Specials on this "Home" page. Click the "Back to Products and Images" menu or the "start ordering" button to place an order. Your screen should look similar to Fig 2.

1. In the "sizes" area, select a product group, there are several tabs or buttons. Click to select the tab/button that matches the product you wish to order. Then select the actual product you want to order. You can use your mouse to stretch the Product area lower. After selecting your product you should see a large white area in the middle of your screen that represents this item. This is the area you will use to crop and order your pictures.

2. In the "images" area ( bottom of screen) click the "add images" button, (bottom left on screen:). Navigate to find and select the folder on your computer that has the images you would like to use for your order. Thumbnails of each of these images will then appear in this gray area.

3. To order a picture click the thumbnail from Step 2 you wish to order and drag the image into the large white area in the middle of your work area. Clicking in the middle of this cropping area will cause the crop tool palette to pop up. You can zoom to enlarge your image and using your mouse drag the image to center for a pleasing composition.

4. Choosing Product Options; some products have various options that can be selected prior to your ordering this product.These are available in the "options" area, right side.

5. To order this product, check the Quantity of items and then click the "Add to Cart" button. You can continue selecting products and images to order.

6. To complete and send the order, select the "cart" button.

7. In the cart, check each product you ordered, options and quantities. When you are satisfied everything is correct click the "Check Out" button to send your order.

8. You should receive an order confirmation email within the hour. If you do not receive your email confirmation contact us.

For any help or questions, email sales@discountphotoproducts.com

pdpphomehlpFig 1

pdppOrderhlpFig 2

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