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Photo Buttons, Picture Magnets and Mirrors make Great Personalized Photo Gifts. Extra Large 3.5 inch buttons with clear celluloid covering and pin, magnet or mirror backs. Use photo buttons for your fund raising opportunities, please contact us for special prices and promotional ideas. Picture buttons can be made with our custom graphics or you can send your graphic art design or photographs to be printed. Price is based on same file.

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Custom photo buttons always have a way of sticking around. Of all the buttons that we are called on to create, none are more fun to make than a picture button that will be used for a special occasion. Whether they’re for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, newborn babies, weddings, or whatever… when you create a photo button that will be used for a special occasion, you know you are creating something that will be forever treasured.

Picture buttons can also be a great way for you and your friends to support your favorite Presidential Candidate for 2020. Get together and make up your very own custom message and have a campaign photo button made up for everyone in your group.

“In Memory Of” picture buttons are ideal when that special loved one who can only be with you in your heart. Carrying a memorial photo button can bring back a special memory for the whole family and friends.

That brings us to the question – what should your photos capture? Those you love and admire who you want to keep with you forever.


About our Printing

Professionals - want the highest photo quality
Snapshooters - want the lowest price
Prosumers - want the highest quality at the lowest price

DPP Quality Guarantee

DPP Photo Products are printed exclusively with Kodak Professional Photo Printing Paper. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.